3 Ways of Taking Server Backups


Backups are necessary to keep your data safe from any hackers, power related problems, mechanical problems or any disasters. We upload lots of data on our server these days. If these are lost, then we will be in serious trouble. So, it’s mandatory to take regular backups. Here are the three ways you can take backups of your data.

1. Full Backups

This way you can store a copy of all your files, and it occurs automatically. You need to preset a schedule, and the backup will take place automatically. The files are compressed so that they don’t take much space. Full backups can take up a lot of network bandwidth. However, restoration is easy in case of full backup.

2. Incremental Backups

This kind of backup will save your disk space as they only backup files that have been created or altered since the last backup. So, the volume of data that is backed up is smaller. This type of backup uses less network bandwidth. This type of backup, however, increases computing overhead as each source file must be compared with the last full backup to find out whether data has been altered or not. Restoration of files can be difficult as it is difficult to locate a specific file to restore.

3. Virtual Full Backups

This type of backup uses a database to manage and track the data that is backed up. A full backup is only taken once. It synchronizes backup data to the database at a regular interval. This type of backup is done automatically with the help of backup software. The user gets the same experience as a full backup.

All these backup solutions have their advantages and disadvantages. You should choose one that best suits your requirements. If you choose an external free web hosting provider, then it’s the responsibility of the hosting provider to take the backups. So, you won’t have to worry about server backup.

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